Runtz 2G Cartridge



Runtz 2g disposables vape pens taste fantastic and give you a powerful buzz.
2 grams of pure THC contained in a high-quality disposable vape by Runtz.

Get ready to embark on a THC-powered adventure with the Runtz Disposables Vape.
This Runtz brings you a disposable vape that redefines excellence in the world of vaping.
Boasting an impressive 2 grams of pure THC, this device ensures a potent and satisfying experience with every hit.

Runtz engineered glass filter Runtz created.

Runtz disposable vape 2 Gram

Runtz High-powered disposable vape pen from Runtz, two of the industry’s biggest names. A phenotype of the marijuana strain Pink Runtz,

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing flavors of Runtz and let this disposable vape elevate your senses to new heights of enjoyment.

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1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100


Mix, Ice Cream Cake (Indica), Strawberry Lemonade (Sativa), Forbidden Fruit (Indica), StrawNana (Hybrid), Sundae Driver (Hybrid), Blueberry Razz (Indica), Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid)


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