Dosing with Focus Mushroom Bars With the rise of microdosing, there has been a notable surge in the demand for mushroom chocolate bars like ours. To ensure that our customers achieve the best experience with our mushroom bars, the Focus Bars team has developed a guide on how to use our chocolate bars and capsules to attain the desired results. It’s essential to remember that mushrooms affect individuals differently, so this guide is not exhaustive, but it’s designed to enhance your journey.


1 doses

This is the recommended dose for beginners and those who are experimenting with our bars or microdosing. It stimulates brain activity, resulting in positive, gentle trips.

1 – 2 doses

02 Therapeutic Intermediate users are advised to take this dosage, which is slightly more than microdosing. These amounts of Focus chocolates lead to an enhanced sense of joy.

3 – 6 doses

03 Shamanic Expert users should consider this dosage. At this level, hallucinations and extraordinary experiences (positive trips) can occur, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

7 – 12 doses If you’re seeking an extraordinary psychedelic journey, then acquire a Focus Chocolate Bar for a memorable experience.

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What Sets Focus Mushroom Bars Apart? Focus shroom bars swiftly gained popularity after their release in 2023, outperforming established brands like MK Chocolate Bars and Aurora Bars. Many wonder what makes our mushroom chocolate bars so exceptional. The Focus Bars team took the time to source the highest quality couverture chocolates and some of the most potent mushroom strains, resulting in a shroom chocolate bar like no other. Not only do Focus Bars deliver a potent experience, but their taste and flavors are unparalleled.

Effects of Focus Shroom Bars The effects of our Focus mushroom bars are akin to other mushroom chocolate bars like Polkadot and One Up mushrooms. However, what distinguishes our bars is the potency of the mushroom strains used. The Focus Bars team is among the few mushroom chocolate bar manufacturers that grow the mushrooms they use. We employ shrooms such as Penis Envy strains, Golden Teacher mushrooms, and a few other undisclosed strains.

The Future of Focus Chocolate Bars The Focus team remains committed to being a leader in the mushroom chocolate industry. In early 2023, we introduced five additional flavors to our existing 25, and this expansion continues. Our progress is relentless.

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Where Can I Find a Focus Shroom Bar? You can easily order Focus Bars and other mushroom chocolates directly from our website, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. You can also find Focus Mushroom Bars in numerous dispensaries throughout California.

How Long Does the Trip Last? The trip duration varies depending on several factors, but on average, a trip with Focus chocolates typically lasts between 4 and 5 hours.

Are Focus Chocolate Bars Gluten-Free? Our chocolate bars are gluten-free. While we offer some nut-free flavors, some of our bars do contain nuts. If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always available to address any questions you may have.

Benefits of Focus Mushroom Bars Like many other mushroom chocolates, Focus Bars offer various medical benefits, including pain relief, combating insomnia, and alleviating depression.

The Beauty of Focus Shroom Bars What makes Focus Mushroom Bars truly exceptional and distinctive from other shroom chocolate bars is not just their delicious taste but also the quality of the experience they provide. Many of our loyal customers have shared numerous reviews about the remarkable trips they’ve had after consuming our Focus Chocolate Bars. Some have reported feelings of enlightenment and improved clarity of thought, while others have described having visions and revelations. In any case, you can expect a unique and transformative experience every time you indulge in Focus Chocolate Bars. This is the true beauty of our mushroom bars.

Tripping with Focus Chocolate Bar We have received detailed reports and testimonials from clients regarding the effects of our Focus Bars. Below is a comprehensive account of an experience from one of our most loyal clients, James Parker:

“I began as I usually do on any day when I intend to use cannabis or psychedelic products. I cleared my schedule, prepared a bottle of water, and some snacks in case I got hungry during the process. My favorite flavor is the Twix Focus Bar, and that’s what I used. I started with four pieces, followed by two more pieces ten minutes later. It’s important to note that I am not a beginner with mushroom chocolate bars or Focus Shroom Bars.

About 30 to 45 minutes in, the effects began to manifest. Initially, I experienced visual distortions, including swirling patterns and bright halos, followed by hallucinations. I simply sat back on the couch and embraced the full experience. It was truly heavenly. I’ve tried many other shroom bars before, such as Polkadot, Mr. Mushies, and One Up Mushroom Bars, but the Focus Mushroom Bar was undoubtedly the best. The entire trip lasted for about 3 to 4 hours, after which I was left with a deep sense of hunger and a feeling of enlightenment. This was undeniably one of my best psychedelic experiences, all thanks to the Focus team.”