Focus 7G Mushroom Bars 30 Flavors


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The packaging for Focus bars is elegantly straightforward. The flavor’s name is prominently displayed in the lower right corner of the bar. On the reverse side of the shroom chocolate bar, you’ll find information about dosing and a unique QR code that can be utilized to authenticate the bar.

Always be diligent when inspecting your package, as numerous replicas can be found on platforms like DHgate. These counterfeits are used by individuals to market fake Focus Shroom Bars.

EFFECTS OF FOCUS MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BARS Focus bars yield effects akin to most psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. Key effects of consuming our chocolate bars encompass:

  1. Slower Reaction Time
  2. Stimulation of Creativity
  3. Induction of Hallucinations
  4. Promotion of Relaxation and Happiness

The aforementioned effects are just a glimpse into the experiences associated with our bars and other mushroom chocolates. What sets Focus Shroom Bars apart is the brief, intense journey that initiates with a potent initial impact. This leads to a full-body high, culminating in a state of complete relaxation.

WHERE TO PURCHASE FOCUS BARS WHOLESALE Owing to the burgeoning popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars, the demand for Focus Shroom Bars has surged. 2023 statistics reveal that Focus Bars comprised 12% of the shroom bar market share. Remarkably, within our first year, we are already vying with industry giants such as Polka Dot Bars and Neau Tropics Chocolates. The rapid competitive presence within just over a year since our launch is a testament to the quality of our bars.

The heightened demand for fusion chocolate bars has led to a flood of counterfeit products in the market, falsely claiming authenticity. Many of these sources peddle fake bars that fail to deliver the genuine fusion experience. We strongly recommend making your purchase from a licensed dispensary or ordering Focus Bars through our website for an authentic experience.

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